Affiliated Hospital of Taishan Medical University, situated at the foot of magnificent Mount Tai, is a first-class ternary general hospital with integration of medical service, teaching, scientific research, emergent first-aid, disease prevention and health care as well as rehabilitation. It embodies complete major setup, abundant technology, advanced medical equipment and high quality service.
  The Hospital had its beginnings in 1974, when it was known as Affiliated Hospital of Shandong Medical College Loude Branch, located in Loude Town, Xintai City. It was renamed as Affiliated Hospital of Taishan Medical University in 1981 and shifted to Tai’an City in 1987. Since its founding, acting on the aim of “Quality First, Patient Oriented” and scrupulously abiding by the motto of “Being Virtuous and Sincere, Erudite and Innovative”, the Hospital has taken root in the earth of Qilu and has served the people all along. It has contributed significantly to the regional economic & social construction and medical & health services.
  Up to 2013, the Hospital has a floor area of 112,000 square meters, 1278 beds opened and a staff of 1542 of whom 224 hold senior or secondary senior titles, 4 enjoy special government allowance granted by the State Council. There is 1 Taishan Scholar, 4 second-class professors specially invited by Taishan Medical University, 3 young and middle-aged provincial academic core members as well as key scientific & technological talents, 65 postgraduate supervisors, 399 graduates and doctors, and more than 120 postgraduate and doctoral candidates. The Hospital is equipped with 43 clinical departments and 8 medical techniques departments. Gynecology is the endoscopy and minimally invasive technique training base of National Ministry of Health; Imaging Medicine, Gerontology, and Epilepsy Diagnosis & Treatment Center are provincial key medicine and health disciplines; Emergency Medicine is provincial key clinical specialty; Traditional Chinese Medicine is provincial TCM key specialty construction unit; Neurology, Thoracic Surgery, Emergency Medicine, Anesthesiology, Gastroenterology, Medical Imaging, Orthopedics and Sports Medicine are municipal-level key medical disciplines. Burns Surgery is municipal-level medical characteristic specialty; Surgery is key discipline of Taishan Medical University. The Hospital boasts 17 master degree disciplines including Internal Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics, Geriatrics and Emergency Medicine.
  The Hospital values technological innovation. It launches into high and new technology and has formed its own advantage in minimally invasive surgery such as peritoneoscopy, hysteroscopy, arthroscopy and gastrointestinal endoscopy, treatment of cardiovascular & cerebrovascular diseases, spine & arthrosis surgery, hepatobiliary surgery, Cardiac interventional therapy. Furthermore, it has gained reputation in fields of comprehensive treatment of tumor, treatment of interstitial lung disease, endocrine diseases, Chinese and Western medicine combine treatment of pediatric diseases, Intensive Care and treatment of severe complex trauma, treatment of acute intoxication, extensive burns treatment, and intraocular diseases treatment, which appeal to patients from all over the country.
  The Hospital is possessed of top diagnostic equipments including GE 3.0T MRI, Philips 256-slice spiral CT, VE9 angiocarpy color doppler, which provide technological support for high-level medical services.
  As Clinical College of Taishan Medical University, the Hospital lays emphasis on teaching along with medical service. It undertakes theoretical lecturing, experiment teaching, probation and part of internship on disciplines including clinical medicine, imaging medicine and nursing etc. It has transported amounts of talents to the society. The Hospital won first and second prize of Eastern China, and third prize of the whole nation in clinical skills competition of national medical colleges and universities. In recent five years, the Hospital has continually increased scientific research funds input. It has presided over more than 60 scientific research tasks of national, provincial and bureau-level. It has won 28 provincial and ministerial-level rewards for scientific research. It has publicized 771 dissertations in core journals and provincial-level periodicals, among which there are 16 SCI dissertations.
  The Hospital vigorously propels talent strategy and comprehensively reinforces talent introduction and cultivation. It establishes friendly cooperation successively with more than 20 countries and regions including the United States and Singapore, with whom it exchanges scholars for visiting and communications. The Hospital set up special funds for talents, supporting a large number of excellent medical personnel to study home and overseas, which enhances her integral level of medical service, teaching and scientific research as well as its comprehensive strength.
  Over the years, maintaining its public benefit property, the Hospital has initiated a way of “developing and improving the hospital with high quality, scientific education, talents and culture” through deepening reform, elaborating management and promoting connotation construction. It strives to offer qualified, efficient, convenient and inexpensive medical service, winning wide acclaim from the whole society. The Hospital successively won more than 300 honorary titles including Provincial Health System Civilization Unit, National Labor Pioneer in Earthquake Relief and Home Rebuilding, Provincial Professional Ethics Construction Advanced Unit, Provincial Advanced Collective in Resisting SARS, and Best Serving Unit of Tai’an City, etc.
  Planning decides outlet, strategy decides future. Today, the staff and workers of Affiliated Hospital of Taishan Medical University, guided by the objectives of the 12th Five-year Plan, are riding the waves and setting sail without vacillation, procrastination or affliction for the long voyage: Be Profession Model, Build Top Renowned Hospital.
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